CFP Cebano Monregalese

The CFP Cebano Monregalese, created in 1953 to operate on the territory cebano and only in the last decade on the monregalese, has evolved to the current configuration of company statutory public-private consortium to operate in the field of training and in educational / professional.

The company is accredited by the Piedmont Region and ISO 9001:2008 certified for the design and delivery of training services and orientation, delivers about 38,000 hours of training per year between the fund compulsory education (young people of compulsory school age) , individual training for employed and unemployed adults and corporate training.

The firm supports the professional training center by paying the design skills and technical expertise to ensure the functionality of the service users, with particular attention to voice and data communications systems, as well as distributed computing system between offices of the organization.

Responsibilities within the Studio are employed by professional training center to provide training and corporate training, both in the technological environment, both in its regulatory requirements in the field of security and privacy, Machinery Directive and calls.

Company profile of the Vocational Training Centre Cebano Monregalese