The technical documentation and the machinery directive

The firm provides its expertise in drafting of technical documents for companies and organizations, both within the Service, for both products and machines. In this specific context, with respect to the application of Directive 98/37/EC, also known as the Machinery Directive, the Firm provides legal and regulatory expertise and, in concert with the design, allow the drafting of the technical machine, drafting of tests of the prototype, the drafting of the manual of use and maintenance of the list of spare parts. It carries the risk analysis and draw up the assessment of the residual risks, providing customer support in dealing with the Notified Bodies.

The Firm prior analysis of the machine and supports the manufacturer in definizone, design and implementation of the protections afforded by law.

You carry out surveys with regard to noise, vibration and emissions of electromagnetic fields and ionizing radiation, releasing appropriate relations including in the field of design solutions based on security, prevention and protection at work, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. N. 81/2008.

The documentation can be produced in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic. Other languages ​​must be agreed in advance.

For further details please contact the Studio. The contact persons for the task of drawing up of technical documentation and the Machinery Directive are Avagnina Mr. David and Mr. Marco Musso.

Per informazioni di dettaglio si prega di contattare lo Studio. I referenti per l’attività di stesura di documentazione tecnica e Direttiva Macchine sono il Sig. Davide Avagnina e il Sig. Marco Musso.