The Staff

The attention paid to the quality of life and the impact on employment has led the firm to identify and select professional human resources from the areas in which it operates terrotoriali, trying to keep within their own organization the most deserving people and enhancing their work.
The staff of the Studio has an average age less than 35 years and has capitalized on qualifying extremely educational and professional experiences, both in the field of advanced technology, both in the regulatory and management. The young chronological age helps to make the work environment lively and stimulating, with important implications towards new and ambitious technological challenges.

Those responsible for the activity
The firm has organized its human resources skills, within which specific people are responsible for the activities, ranging from design, consulting and training. The figures upon which the liability of the skills young people are provided in which the firm believes, for organizational skills and potential, and which are attractive offers opportunities for professional growth. These people have acquired in the field the ability to manage projects articulated and complex activities, capitalizing on experiences in the first person.

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