Politecnico di Torino

Department of Electrical
The Professional Studio collaborates with the research group of prof. Maurizio Repetto, operating in the field of mathematical modeling for compatibility and electromagnetic emissions, as well as in the context of multi-objective optimization techniques for the design.
The firm works with professional staff of prof. Repetto as regards the activity of detection of electromagnetic emissions in the environment. Thanks to advanced techniques of numerical modeling of the human body and FEM tools developed by the Department of Electrical Polytechnic of Turin, you can use the acquired data to identify potential problems on the human body, supporting businesses in the effective resolution of issues related to health workplace due to electromagnetic fields.

Department of Mechanics
The Professional Studio collaborates with the Department of Mechanical aspects related to the use of innovative materials and manufacturing specifications in experimental applications. The context is that relating to poluretani cast, within which it is possible to set up major studies CAE development of high-technological innovation.

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