Marco Musso

Marco Musso was born in Ceva 16 July 1985 and interest in computing led him in 1999 to join the Institute of Higher Education Giancarlo Vallauri Fossano, where he attended the course in Experimental Computer Expert – Project ABACUS. He graduated with distinction in 2004 and embarks on the road to the university for engineering course at the headquarters of Mondovi Telematics of the Polytechnic of Turin.

To finance his studies, responds to the request of a lecturer for a course in Java programming, and in that area meets David Avagnina with whom he began an intense collaboration.

Today his skills are aimed at corporate training and more genricamente training, the development of low-and high-level software, the drafting of technical documentation and documentation for safety at work.

Marco Musso work on the seat of Mondovi and can be contacted using the contact details available or by writing to marco.musso (at)