Security and data protection

Preliminary analysis of the functional requirements and assessment of their technological fabbiasogno architectural solutions for planning, design and preparation of firewall platforms based on highly customizable PC based on Linux.

They develop functionality of proxy servers to authenticate directly or through external servers, with the implementation of permitted and prohibited lists, ensuring the acquisition of the historic network traffic associated with all users, authenticated or anonymous.

As part of the anti-virus and malware, the “activity involves the identification of the most appropriate architectures available on the market and putting them in place, focusing on client / server solutions for centralized management,

With regard to the redundant copy of the data, we support companies with the planning of architectural solutions, the design and construction of storage servers, with advanced back-up based on the latest hardware technologies and the most reliable software applications available on the market .

With regard to confidentiality of information, we offer high skills in data encryption, supporting multifaceted professional needs with respect to storage media involved, with explicit reference to hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards and portable terminals generically, such as PDAs and smart phone.

For further details please contact the Studio. The contact persons for the activities of security and data protection are Mr. Matteo Di Modica and Mr. Marco Musso.