GPS location and navigation

The experiences capitalized in the field of satellite tracking in the academic and scientific research, allow the firm to esprre a high professional profile, useful to support the industry, both in terms of the current U.S. GPS system, both with respect to the future European Galileo system. It provides design and consultancy services in the field of electronics and telecommunications for the market segment relating to the receivers.

From an application point of view, the firm supports public and local companies in the business of tracking and detection, using professional tools georefernziazione mail. Specific examples are the mapping of trails, springs of various kinds, manholes and more, with the aim of creating thematic maps that can be used in electronic format, in both professional and leisure travelers alike.

Last but not least, the Firm provides its experience qualified for training courses in the field of satellite systems dilocalizzazione, for the use of professional equipment and amateur type.

For further details please contact the Studio. The contact person for the task of localization and navigation is Mr. David Avagnina.

Per informazioni di dettaglio si prega di contattare lo Studio. Il referente per l’attività di localizzazione e navigazione satellitare è il Sig. Davide Avagnina.