Traceability and logistics

In the context of advanced services to support the industrial and artisanal production, it provides an important activity of designing and developing application-oriented processes to introduce the most advanced features traceability, oriented both to increase the level of automation on the floor logistics, internally and externally for the businesses and to provide customers with certain financial information relating to the product purchased.

The reference technology is based on radio frequency transponders called RFID tags operating in the VHF and UHF frequency ranges, with different detection performance and therefore of use.

The expertise provided in this specific context are highly interdisciplinary than other professional fields in which the firm operates, ranging from computer issues to the communications infrastructure, automation of production facilities to the location of the goods, without neglecting the aspects related to safety at work .

For further details please contact the Studio. The contact person for the task of tracking and logistics is Mr. Marco Musso.